Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shape Run Pirate

Now, I have no idea about this run, until a friend told me. I guess with the fasting month nearing, I thought this could be the last event (PD tri is supposed to be the last..).

The pre-race atmosphere was happening with many booths & runners all around waiting for the start. "Skins" was there as well. Thought of getting one but then I couldn't find any need for it.

Before the start, the full 12.3km runners had to bundle up before the line. The MCs was trying their best to raise the atmosphere to party level, but I guess the runners aren't that interested. I stood a few meters ahead of the start line, waiting. Since PD, I haven't had any runs, except hills. And that morning, I cycled the usual Hulu Langat in high intensity going uphills. I have no idea how would I fare in this race.

The gun went off, and hordes of runners were let loose. I waited for a few moments before joining the crowd. For the first few km, I was moving up. Saw the elites as usual bunched up in front. Then I saw Don Khor slightly behind. Now Don's a really fast runner. Despite his age of 50+, most of us had problem keeping up with him in races, myself included. He'll start a bit slow, but would be able to maintain a negative split at the end.

I haven't been able to beat him. So, my objective then, was to keep as close as possible.

I trailed him for some time, but found myself comfortable going faster, so I went off. But I know he won't be far behind. I set my guns on the guys in front. One thing about running racing at the top group is, everyone is bloody fast. So you can't go all out. That would be suicidal. I kept a constant but high intensity pace without killing myself, yet.

The only guy I caught up with was Casey, and that was because he walked abit. Then he ran again, and we ran together. I looked back and sure enough Don was there with 2 other guys not far.

I decided to slow down to join them. We ran together until Casey and the 2 other guys shoot off. But I decided to just run with Don. So we ran almost together until the last 3km heading back, then I decided to go for it. Now it was all guns ablaze. The 2 guys in front were still far ahead, and I guess I won't be able to better them. Now it's just keeping Don at bay.

There was one last hill up, and then the final turn right into the finishing. I looked back. He was 50 meters back, so I knew I finally beat him. I think Tey, who taking photos, was a bit skeptical caused I wasn't wearing any bib. Anyway, I didn't go into the finishing line as the marshall diverted.

Finished in 49min for 12.3km. I think it's 48ish, but I'll just put up 49 for some margins. I could have won 8th in mens open.

Anyway, it's been one of the best 'pirate' race I have been. Couldn't ask for more.

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