Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Siemens run: Hazy skies

My sis & I went for this run. We arrived early by 30 minutes. By then, they have opened the gantry for runners to go in. So we quickly went to fill the front slots. If you were to gun for position, being in front will be advantageous.

From the start, Peter, with this tall built was sprinting out. I passed the usual suspects early in the beginning. Then I noticed Mark Williams, with shoulders hunched ran past me. He really look like hammering it. I just stuck to my own pace.

All of a sudden, a kenyan ran past at such high speed, relatively, I thought he was sprinting and I was just walking. But the reality was, I was putting my maximum speed allowed. That was an eye opener.

Around half way point, my shoelace came off, and I spent a few secs tying them up. It proved futile as it came off anyway. Good thing was I tied a first dead knot, so that wouldn't be a problem.

I was trailing this indian veteran. Try as much as I can, I was never able to beat him, even to the end. His running style seem so effortless, but yet was able to keep me at bay.

I ended up at 10th position. The top 4 were kenyans, and Ahmad Lamchannak, a Moroccan, who works here, was in 9th. My sister however missed the prize at 23th.

The weather was hazy, and I didn't really enjoyed the run. Somehow the gloomy skies, signifies an uneasiness that I would only found out later that night.

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