Friday, January 13, 2012

Larian Koperasi: Run like Hell

It was a really short run of 5km. But somehow, it seems like all the elites are here, including lots of indian runners. Some guys looks like they have been doing track work for ages. Rumours has it, since that the kenyans aren't allowed in this race, more fast runners showed up to get a swipe at the prize.

Anyway, from the start as we were let off, lots of runners were doing sprinting work. I noticed Barry Lee went ahead too fast. Now, I always been wondering why he shoots off like that.

I kept my pace, as I knew we'll encounter a hill. Somehow, I managed to inched behind Jasni. We went up the hill with lots of huffing & puffing. It seems like no one is setting any pace. If you've got something left in the tank, just go.

So that's what I did. There's no pacing needed in such a short race. I managed to passed him, but I can't really remember where. All I know I was home running this.

When I was done, he had just finished behind me. For once, I've managed to beat him. But I knew 5km isn't our bread & butter. And it's not the best yardstick to predict consistent results.

Turning into the finishing.

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