Friday, January 13, 2012

Nike We Run KL: Breaking the Barrier

Just a day after the 5km race, my sis & I joined the Nike 10km run around kl. The start was a bit confusing. How come some runners get VIP treatment? While we're waiting at the start, the usual strong guys were there, and some kenyans too.

As the start time draws near, they let us pass the front VIP pack. I inched my way to the start. Then we're let off. The first few km was just trying to get the pacing right. I noticed Jasni was way in front like 150m. Then Richard Habeya came rushing by. Oh, seems like he got the legs this time.

Anyway, as we went into brickfields, I managed to inch closer to Jasni. At moments, he was trying to push forward. Alongside us were the women kenyan runners. Running at this high speed was zen. I didn't feel like dying, nor do I feel like I could run faster. Everything just flows. I didn't want to push things so we went along together.

At 5km mark, I clocked 18 minutes. As we went along the way at Bank Negara, I passed Richard. I was actually trying to chase Ong Wei Xiang, who's putting on a fast cadence, out running both Jasni and I. I knew we have like 2km left, so I tried to bridge the gap. That was succesful. Then as we ran pass the last water station, I knew there's another hill before going down to the finishing.

I used my mind to bend reality. I imagined the hill was flat. And I went all out. By the time I reached the top, there's no more pacing or running style. It's do or die. I raced to the finishing arch in 37:24 to get 6th in my category (25 above), ahead of Jasni and Ong.

There wasn't any prize, as only top 3 were given. But it doesn't matter. For once, after working on speedwork for almost 2 years, and figuring what works and not, I've managed to break another milestone. And that's what really matters.

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