Thursday, March 29, 2007

35 KM Long Run (Feb 10)

Every saturday, I will try a long run. Why it's called long run, because it's definitely not short...ok..ok just kidding. If you are familliar with training for running, a long run, is a distance of 20 or 30km, which every marathoner have to go through.

So, around 6.30am, I got into my car, with a bottle of 100 plus + water, some cash and head out to batu 14 hulu langat. Parked beside the police station, and after some stretching, I am off to go.
The first 6km isn't so hard, just running through some houses, and industrial area. But one thing you gotta watch out are big huge lorries. I don't want to get pancaked by one of these giants. What's a small runner like me is going to be like if being run over. It appears that some hill jobs are taking place, hence the lorries. But I have really no idea why they are clearing the hills.
Occasionally you will find some dogs after you. Just use this strategy. If they seemed to be on attack mode, just raise your hands. You'll look menacing this way.

After about 6km, I reached a small kampung. It has a mosque, but mostly occupants nearby are still sleeping. But this kampung marks the start of the arduaous hill climb. Once I reached the hill, I began to slow down. The view slowly rises, as I went up higher. Once a while a car or lorry whizzes by. They must be thinking, what idiot is running up the hill at this hour. But hill work, though is slow, will be rewarding.

Once I reached the pinacle of the summit, I felt happy, and drank a sip of the water mixed with 100 plus. The nice thing from here is the view. As the morning sun pops up between the sky and hills, you can feel the jungle alive with sounds. And from the distance the high mountains and hills gives a breathtaking view.

But slowly, I have to run down the slope. Tried not to be too fast because this will cause more pain to the knees. Tried not to push it too hard. Still have a long way to go. From summit to semenyih lake is 3km, so it's really a long way to go.

Although this place seems desolate, but once in a while, cars, pickup trucks and lorries passes by. I managed to smile to a chinese lorry driver, and he smiled back. That gives me the courage to go on forward.

Finally I reached the junction at semenyih lake, and took the left turn. From here on, it will take 7 kilometres to the turning to Gabai. I did a quick check on my body. Knees are a bit painful, but still ok. Stamina is ok.

Around after few KMs, a few superbike blast by the road. Wished I could have some wheels...but forget that. I have to put a foot in front and the next. Occasionally a few cyclist passed by. Must be training. Tried smiling to them, and a few responded. That really motivates me to keep on going. I think if one thing I need to continue this run, is some people cheering me all the way.
There are a few orang asli settlements next to the road. Although their house might be small, but I think they are living in the best possible place.

Once I reached the turning to Gabai, I made a check on my legs. Still ok, but the pain has started especially on the knees. So when I reached Gabai, decided not to push on running, but did some walking. If I can't run, then I'll walk until my legs are a bit ok. Although a bit dissapointed but I guess you don't have to train until your limit. The next stop will be small wooden shop that sells asam laksa and ABC. So when I started to run again, I made it to my mind, that "heaven" is only 4 km away.

Surprisingly, I could run without much problem to the store. Once there, I ordered ABC (plus more sweetener), and asam laksa. This will keep me going for the next 10km. My water bottle was almost empty, so did a refill. After 30 minutes, I decided it's time to go.

But running after stopping is the worst thing you will ever faced. My legs are stiffed, and each step is awkward. It took some time before my legs can start running properly again. At this time, the sun was already 45 degrees up in the sky, and the sun has started heating my body.
Finally I reached Batu 18 town. Still on the run...but finally has to stop after like 3 km. Perhaps I was just lazy..or it was too hot. I guess it's the heat. It's already 11am. I did walking until kolam air panas, but thinking to myself...if I want to get there faster, I would need to run. Maybe there' s no motivation for me to keep on running. After passing a military pajero, that gave some inspiration on motivation. I would imagine an office yelling and swearing at me, telling me to get up and run. worked. So, that keep me going for another 3km before finally arriving at batu 14, where I started. It was around 12 noon, and the only way I can take the heat is by drinking lots of water. least I did not walk to the finsih line. I ran. And that's all that matters.
My time: 5 hour 03 min

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Cho said...

Seem like it all started from here... You have a heck of determination. I admire that. Let me read the next blog first.