Thursday, March 29, 2007

KL International Marathon 2007

My first marathon ever...I have been training hard for this.

But I have never attempted a 42 km. The furthest non stop run was 31km. And I felt like shit after that. Anyway, let's see how far I could go. If Dean Karnazes could run 200 miles non stop (and's 200 miles..not KM....1 mile=1.6km....go do some math), 42 would be peanuts for him.

Anyway, the nite before, I tried to sleep at 9.30pm...but no sleep could ever get into my head. Even counting sheeps won't lullaby myself to sleep. 2:30am, I just got up...and drove to padang merbuk. It was 3:00am. Even the officials are not there yet.

I manage to met Rudy from Holland, running for the B class...quite a nice chap.

Also met some singapore die hard runners...hehe...I can only recall Raihan.

Ok, 4:30am came, and the officials shot the pistol marking the start. Everyone was not rushing, knowingly 42 km is a long way to go. Nobody wants to fall now. My only hope is, my knees will bring me through...and not pain so fast.

But what surprised me is, after like 3 km, men started to run off to bushes to
Perhaps they overdrank themselves, and need to let lose. But certainly now it answers my question( the peeing runners on SMART tunnel run on The Star).

At the 20km, just right at the drink pit stop, is a mosque. So I quickly did my subuh prayers there.

My short pants was actually a bit too short to cover, but I already put my longer tracksuit the nite before. I must have startled some mosque goers at that time, but I got no time to explain.

Ok, the next 10km, was the part I slowed down considerably. Heck, the pace I was running, and the other guy walking is the same. I tell myself, something must be wrong. My pacing is too slow. The fact is, I have been hitting lots of hills in my training. Yes, endurance is build, my pacing is gone.

When reaching 30km mark, I saw some guys handling out power gel. But I opt out. I guess I can't gamble on my system. If I couldn't take it now, for sure I will take the way.

the last 12 km was hard, as this is uncharted territory. I have not ran longer than 31km. But I vowed to run non stop. Alas I could only make it until 38km. Then I walked...

Both my legs where in pain, the knees especially. If anyone...whoever wants to know pain and fatigue...I'll tell them go run a full marathon.

Then, 2 guys (one raihan), caught up with me....we chatted...and they were telling how singaporeans must go do fitness test. There were a few test...and running is one of them.

Finally, after bank negara, I started running...don't want to walk to the finish line...

And yes...I finished time: 5:25:44
Time sucks...but next year...I vow....less than 4 hours...

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Cho said...

You finish it! You actually complete the whole thing. It's amazing.