Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bukit Aman 30k

How do you possibly find 30k route in KL? The answer is one loop of double hill (10k), then another loop to Petronas in Sri Hartamas.

Raymond actually started earlier with Siok Bee, and Ray Ng. I didn't opt to start so early. I can't possibly miss my beauty sleep. Believe it or not, the first challenge is getting outta bed. Running is not so much hardship after you got the momentum going on.

As I head for the double hills, I am still figuring why it's called double hill. Yeah, lots of hills, but I couldn't sense which are the prominent so called double part. As I trudged along, I met Shazly, doing his last 5k of 30k. Damn, I must be very late runner. My timing on double hill was 52 minutes.

Going back another 20k loop is pretty cheerful at this part. At least no more hills. When I reached Petronas, I was surprised to find Ngae there. He mentioned he had registered 82km sundown ultramarathon, but has some events that clashed. So, if any of you wanted to use his number, let him know. Haza was there as well, in her usual running outfit.

I also met PM1 Ronnie See. We ran like almost the 10km back. All I can say, he's pretty fast.
I didn't really want to run fast at this moment as I've got the right heart rate, and right pace where I could just cruise on. However, I still want to do less than 3 hours on this course.

In the end, my timing was 2:45:34. I think I could push faster in the real race. Perhaps 2:30?


Raymond said...

Gosh!double hill in 52mins(!),i did 59min and thought it was cool coz i was cruising comfortably in the dark dropping 2 strong women behind;siok bee and maryann.Ray Ng chose to be in lala land just like u coz he only did 20k hehe.
U r really fast and real strong!
2.30 is achievable aiming for sub 3 thats all come race day

yipwt said...

raymond, lets see how. I wasn't speeding so much. Maybe pacing with Ronnie helped. He said he did 2:23 last race, and want to PR 2:20

Now that's fast.

Anonymous said... could you guys run so fast over those hills??? Yip you almost didn't recognize the d-hill coz you're always running on hills. Me, I always run on flats. The first hill looked 90 degrees to me. LOL!

yipwt said...

hi haza,

Try running on hills. It's a great boost to strength. On my daily normal runs, I run more than 200m of elevation :)

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

hey yip, doc ray is rite, i was still zzzz when he climbed the double hills. i only did 20k and the last 5k i SUFFERED!! legs were sore. my fitness hasn't climbed out of the drain it fell into. hahaha!

yipwt said...

hi tomatoman,

err...drink some coffee before run. It really works :).

But drink on the race day itself...:)

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

yup, you're spot on!
caffiene really works, gives you tat high feeling! tat explains why power gel has it. hahaha!
I remembered years ago i had 2 cups of kaw-kaw coffee before a football match. In it, I was defender, midfielder, striker...whoa!!!! hahaha!

le_runner said...

hi steven,

you said there's vacancy for 84km ultra? i MAY be interestted in this. how much in ringgit? thanks.