Sunday, January 20, 2008

Race Day: Great Eastern Pacesetters GE30k 2008

I don't have have any target except run faster. However, I realized that I will have to start late to do dawn prayers, which translates to a later 10 minutes start. I was really the last to go. So I've got lots of catch up to do. So, I tuned in the legs for a faster pace, and soon found myself among the back pack runners.

Timing was at 57 minutes when reaching the traffic lights, ending the double hill section, which made me wonder if I was too slow. Then, the traffic got worse by the release of 10km runners. I've got to side step most of them to go ahead.

When reaching the mosque, I realized my left knee was in some pain. So, it kind of affected the run, but I kept on moving on. Pain is really something you got to accept. It's all in the mind.

Soon, I reached the Petronas Station, but found out that we had to go another 1km loop. I thought it was just a touch and go spot. Well, on the way back from the loop, they handed out power gels. These stuff never taste nice, but luckily there's water a few metres ahead.

I realized with the knee pain, I'll have to slow down abit, and just keep on a normal pace.

In the end, based on my timing, it's 2:46:03 (official placing is 163 and timing will be plus 10 min). So to summarize, not much improvement in timing, but that's ok.

The post event is probably the best organized in Malaysia. They had lots of food, and drinks, and that's all matters to runners.


John said...

Well done! Could be faster if you've joined the fast group instead of the back pack which more often cause you off rhythm a bit.

Raymond said...

Wah!57min in double hill!!!I wouldn't hv clock that time even if i would hv to fly up there!I did more than 1hr 5min entirety today!

yipwt said...

hi john,
Thanks...yea...maybe a little faster

there's no improvement in my personal timing, so nothing to shout about :)

Dancing Ciken said...

congrats and get well soon ;)

yipwt said...

hi jaja,

Thanks...but was not really painful. Just that running makes in so.

Nice meeting you there...

Stupe said...

dude...what's with the hairdo? :)

yipwt said...


I don't have a proper hair style. Just short and simple..:P