Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guaranteed Slimming Program, and it's not Marie France

I've always wondered, is it necessary to join a slimming program? Open the papers and you see slimming ads all over the place. Women, are the target market, but men don't escape their radar either.

These slimming programs can go up to thousands. And you wonder, who pays to get slim? But if you think again, whether there's a market for slimming programs, there definitely is. If not, these business wouldn't have last long.

Now, personally, I think they are a waste of money. Why pay someone else to help you with personal weight problems?
The solution is pretty simple. Eat healthy, and do consistent exercise. Better still, go run. I personally guarantee that if you run 50km weekly, you'll lose weight.

Since I am into running, I'll tell my side of story. After graduating, and working for 2 years in a local company, I've added up some weight. My constant eat, work in front of PC, go home, and sleep, contributed to this malice.

Anyway at that time, I was a runner, although not into distance longer than a few km. Heck, I didn't even measure the distance I ran. It's just a weekly jog at the park. And I think I was doing OK. 10km was too far. I don't even know how far a marathon is.

Apparently, this isn't enough. And soon, I found my waistline abit bulging. It was weird, because, I used to eat the same amount of food, and do the same exercise, and didn't get this fat. I was suspecting, with age catching up, there's a change in the bio mechanics of the body. Somehow, along with the catching up of age, some men do get a bit fat, if they just eat, and did less exercise. I confirmed this with a friend, who got a brother who just bulged after marriage. However, there's some men, who will maintained a thin frame for the rest of their lives. This leads us to genetics. I do believe, if I kept a sedentary lifestyle, I'll be fat ( just like my dad ). So, somehow my genes are like this. But for those lucky ones whose genes makes sure they are thin regardless of anything, well, lucky them.

Before I started running, I have been swimming a lot. I would log a few kms in the pool weekly. It's good exercise, but if you are banking on getting thin swimming, I'll suggest not. You can't really get thin swimmming.

So after I picked up running, I have now got a smaller waistline. Even my pants started to drop off. If you go to any running events, majority are in the thin group. They have almost no fat on their bodies. Only strong hard bodies.

Back to the slimming ads. In a sense, what I could deduce is, somehow some of us has forgotten how is it to use our own bodies, to the point that, we need others to tell us how to use them. Look all around us. We've got most of our housework, transportation, and food easily provided by machines and systems.

Walking is now not commmon, but driving is. Hand washing is now considered hard on your hands. Sweeping the floor is easier using vacuum. And shaking off your tummy is now even easier using some belt. And getting thin is advertised as easy as popping some pills. Worst still, there's the KFC ad showing a modern mum, bringing home fast food, and that makes their children happy.

Lets put is this way, if we compare how humans live a few decades back compared to now, the old generation will laugh at how stupidly dependable we are. People at those times, used to walk for miles just to reach some place. And their houses lack washing machines, maids, and cars. But they still live comfortably with less.

Those slimming ads will always be there, for those who believe that paying someone or something, to do the job, will help them, rather than sweating out.


Raymond said...

Spot on Yip!
Swimming doesnt make one thin just tone the body thats all,most of my swimming friends has in fact put on so much weight that they are barely recognizable these days.
Running=loose weight,strongly agree with that!
But anyhow,if u say those slimming ads are crap but what about that gutsy gal aka Alice that turned fr a huge obese gal to a stunner over a month!!! What u gonna say bout that?

yipwt said...

What i meant by crap is, you can do it yourself.

You see, it's all about self discipline. If Alice would have bought a pair of shoes and go running, I bet that's a cheaper alternative. Some people might not have that self discipline, some do.
I reckon, the program will have people telling you what to eat, and how to exercise.

Then the question is, how come she wasn't thin before? Well, I think she knows best.

C-CUBE said...

In general ppl who go for these slimming program had very little self-confidence in themselves. They need someone to counsel them wat to do. Mentally they felt more confident that they can reduce weight by paying money to someone telling them to do the normal things about slimming down. They actually know wat to do but just dont have the courage to do it until someone they believe is a pro telling them wat to do. And worst case is that after slimming down (provide the prg is effective) they probably had another obstacle to challenge themselves ie self-confidence to maintain that kind of lifestyle, cinya

yipwt said...

hi c-cube, are right on this. I was trying to emphasis this in the post. Our over dependency on so many things in life.

Life can be very easy, if our wants our simple...

Anonymous said...

Any slimming prog that doesnt advise exercising and eating smartly is fad. My colleague spent nearly RM30k going to a slimming center but doesn't look like its working. But another colleague runs and has lost 10kg since early last year. Obviously it's all about willpower and patience. Other people can only tell you how to slim down, the rest is DIY.
BTW, I run 50km weekly but have yet to attain that pencil-thin figure!!!

Stupe said...

brader...just do like you and pounds will shed automatuically!

Bink said...

I'm not saying i have that pencil figure, but then spending nearly RM2k just to shed off 5kg. I rather wake up early, and jog. You don't just lose weight, you are healthier. And it's free (excluding the shoe price la).

Im[a]She said...

gosh..i really think its a waste of money..why do we need to other people to make us slim when we ourselves can get slim by exercising, dancing, jogging, and etc

Anonymous said...

i agree that slimming can be done through the cheaper way of jogging and watching one's diet but i find that one will come to a certain plateau and it gets frustrating when the weight doesn't go down anymore.

i tried MarieFrance for about 4 months when i was preparing for my wedding 2 years back and it worked to bring my weight to my ideal number.

The key thing is not to be over reliant on a single method. I am now on my own again and eating stuff that is not high in calories and making sure that i walk at least 30 mins a day to keep the pounds at bay.