Monday, February 4, 2008

Adidas Seeding Shoes Report

Allright, to be honest, I have just ran once in the shoes. But here's my observance so far.

To summarize, it's too heavy because of all the extra cushioning build in.

Now, when running on flats, I felt it's a bit too comfy. Heavy, but comfy. With each strike, the shoe seems to absorb all the pressure of 1.5 times the body weight. I felt like running on a piece of mattress, which indeed what the inner cushioning is supposed to do, providing that comfy feeling against the unforgiving hard tarmac. And there was indeed a spring movement when the feet start to lift up.

But...because of the weight, and also all the extra cushioning which added more distance between the feet and actual surface, running in them feels very unnatural. Moving...yes, but you feel like your feet is encased or trapped in a thick heavy wrapping.

Now, let me revert back to my basic adidas shoes. I like them for 2 reasons. Light and comfortable enough. I could run with my eyes closed, and not realize I am wearing shoes. I could run uphills without feeling like an anchor had been tied to the back of my shoes. That's the best feeling. You enjoy your run, rather than thinking where to place your feet ahead. And I could sprint in them because they are light. It's not even racing shoes, but it's good enough.

I remembered reading an article, whom the author did a study on running shoes. *
The revealing issue mentioned was runners have more injuries running in more expensive shoes. What the author said was, those expensive running shoes affected our natural running gait. And because we trust those cushioning so much, we were in fact not aware that we were pounding harder on the road, compared with those running barefoot. Besides, he also mentioned, try running barefoot once in awhile.

Now, in my own opinion, shoe manufacturers should build shoes starting from the bottom of our feet, and not mind how much cushioning they are piling. Our feet are build for running. More piling of cushioning creates more distance between the feet and actual surface. The more distance there is, the more unnatural the running will be.

Please read the article below. It might save your own feet.



Anonymous said...

i've been using adistar5 over the last couple of months. god to honest truth, they're tearing on the inside part of the ankle, ie where you tie yoru laces. I got one pair exchanged thinking it was a manufacturing defect, the same thing happened to the second pair. I was more concious of my running style but couldnt help prevent it. apparently my feet shoes/feet grazed the other causing this tearing. I never experienced this sort of problem on my previous 4 pairs of asics.


yipwt said...

hi kirpal, my guess is, the shoes is too heavy. And that causes things to break.

Btw, I didn't mentioned I got a blister on the inner side of my left foot as well. That's why I stopped running in those.

C-CUBE said...

ur comment made lotz of logical sense

Bink said...

Hi Yip, if you don't mind, can i borrow the shoe. Want to test it also. Krishnan gave me an Adidas Gazelle ClimaCool. A race type shoe, which is a basic shoe and no cushioning. Anyhow you can get the details from my blog. So far I like the shoe.