Monday, February 11, 2008

La Mer Kijal

For this chinese new year, my brothers and I head north to Terengganu's Kijal. It has quite a long sandy coastline around 10km. This makes it a pleasant place to hangout and also hit the beach.

Now, why would we drove almost 80km from Kuantan to here? It's because Kuantan beaches are really not that nice compared to here. Not to mention Telok Chempedak is really an eyesore with stuck sewage just before the beach. Frankly, I have not swam in any of Kuantan's beaches.

When we reached the place, the wind was a tad strong. Waves were crashing violently. I hadn't seen waves these big. I did try a few laps in the open sea. However, I found out it's best to stay near to shore.

I'll let the pictures & video tell the story :)

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