Saturday, February 23, 2008

Welcome New Ironmans from Langkawi

As Ironman Langkawi comes to an end, these are the few who had battled the world's toughest race for their premier ironman.

Khan, Mohd Shazly 205/367/382
01:21:45 07:31:39 06:41:12 15:51:07

Kok Keong, Raymond Hee 127/269/246
01:13:17 06:51:23 05:25:03 13:48:19

Ong, Siok Bee 458/349/265 36 01:54:47 06:46:39 05:01:54 14:02:31

Lim, Ee-Van 350/337/333 31 01:35:27 06:58:22 05:49:40 15:00:29

Abu Soffian
464/351/356 30 01:59:27

Saiful Azri 304/206/225 25 01:29:22

Finishing an ironman is an accomplishment of a lifetime. It takes an average joe to one year to train all 3 disciplines. And even that, when race day comes, you still have doubts as to how to battle 3.6km swim, 180km bike and a full marathon in the end.

We all know who the champions will be, and their news is splattered all over. But it's the normal guys and people who we think are handicapped, who kept on training, that inspires deeply.

Congrats now deserve to be called "ironman".


C-CUBE said...

salute, salute....and a bow to all these people aka IRONMAN. I dont think I have in me to train for an event like this. Congrats to all.

Anonymous said...

To all those who didn't doubt but believed they had in it them, for past 6-12 months, Congrats to the new IronMen this week! Many new faces and dang few DNFers. S

Mohd Shazly Khan said...

thx bro.. it was a wonderful journey

Raymond said...

TQ TQ TQ!!!agree with shaz a very emotional n wonderful journey.I was humbled by the finishing line,nothing beats that after racing all day!

Stupe said...


It was the best race of my life. My initial doubt of not being able to kau tim the swim was the main concern, once that was concerned, i was smilling from ear to ear all thorough the race!

I race to beat one person!!!