Saturday, May 24, 2008

Putrajaya Ride

Putrajaya is certainly beautiful. Every building is nicely build. Roads are free from potholes. Less traffic. It's a no brainer why cyclist use this as their training ground. The only thing lacking is hill climbs. While there are some uphill slopes on the road, it's not as bad as bukit hantu.

In the gang was Michelle, Raymond Hee, Raymond Ng, Yik Thing. Azmar and Bink followed us for awhile though.

At one point, I was pushing real hard on the cadence on the highest gear, and the bike zoom to 50km/h. The only thing preventing this bike going faster was my legs. I couldn't push anymore.

Raymond Ng is certainly darn fast on the bike as well. He was pushing for speed while approaching the toll to KLIA. I tried to catch up but couldn't.

In total, I had just rode 42km. I still could go on, but had to rush for work.

Later in the evening, I push for the hills for bukit segar again. It's all hill work at this area. It's either uphill or downhill. No flats. I have the intention of cycling up from HOA to genting highlands. Sounds tough, but some guys have done it, so it's pretty doable.

Check out these guys:

basikal gunung

While chatting with Azmar, he mentioned my cassette is probably a 23. I have no idea what it was, until I figured out there's a difference of cassette size between his and mine. And mine was quite small, which makes up for speed, but uphill climb like Genting will be a tough one.

Still lots to learn on bikes...


Anonymous said...

Yeah PutraJaya is nice for Tri practice, run, bike smooth roads and swim in the new 50m pool or lake (hide from marine patrols). Genting Casino road KM4.4 is thought to be the toughest part, but there are harder, steeper hills in Malaysia: Ipoh Kledang, Penang hill, Taiping (not done this one yet), the summit of Bukit Tinggi (bypass upper guardhouse). S

Juliana Ali said...

azmar went cycling with u guys oso yip ? send my regards to him for me wud u.hahah.. i overtook him during running @ famosa.1 cool guy !

yipwt said...

hi s,
I didn't know putrajaya has marine patrols...what do they do if they found you? Use harpoon guns?

hi miss jewel,
Yup...he was...Seems like I often bump into him these days. He looks more like a rocker, with his long hair :)

Anonymous said...

Near the Lake boat house, is the marine police office. They don't want paddlers going into the PM's office, but did you know the back side of the mosque is build on stilts over water. They also don't want people swimming "big fish" they say, but mostly to make their lives easier, totally easier. Usually only see landscaping Bangla in the boats in th lake. The PCC end of the lake is super clear, perhaps the water is piped in from Pangsoon? S

Anonymous said...

Azmar - not only a mat rock, motor head, but an IronMan, bike tourer, distance swimmer, audax rider and KFC enthusiast. From zero to hero, well almost :) Also hates running, rather moon walk backwards to the finish line. S