Thursday, May 29, 2008

Respecting the distance?

This, is always the mantra for runners. Either a 10km, half marathon, or full, it's chanted and embodied in the soul of every runner. But, have anyone thought of not respecting it?

You can go further, if you just thought otherwise.

"Do not respect the distance"

This ought to be the mantra for those doing the ultra marathon 84km this coming saturday.

A marathon is indeed hard. Lance Armstrong mentioned that his first marathon was the hardest. And I personally think, if you can run a marathon, you are at your fittest physically.

Make that double, and most will be wondering "no way in hell" they'll do it. Or opt to do it. I could speak from experience how it felt to run that distance. You'll hit the wall a few times. There will be also times you want to quit. Pain will be your closest friend. Sometimes you feel like you are making great progress, sometimes you are in the valley of hopelessness. You'll have to run, even if everything in your body wants to stop.

And that is why, respecting the distance, which translates to respecting the limitations of your body, cannot be applied here. In mathematical equivalence, it's like searching for the explanation of infinities, that most mathematicians do not dare to explore. It's looking into the unknown reservoir of your earthly body, and trying to find if you have anything else to spare.

It's hard. But I bet most will make it. Not because of physically overcoming the challenges, but with sheer unbreakable determination.


Upiq said...

only if i can surf through on what's running in your mind now...

Your mental power is mind boggling...

Anonymous said...

'Ignore the distance' maybe another way to say it. The number, 21,42,84, is just a marker. Don't let it be a limit or a fear, just run patiently and see how far you can go. S

yipwt said...


I am trying to psyche myself up for this event. :)

how about 126?

Anonymous said...

how was the run? its a nice route huh? you had to do it twice! i agree you thoroughly. the distances are just a number. I improved my timing slightly(circa 32m). i guess the no show of the sun helped a lot.


Anonymous said...

Even a marathon is hard. Yea, you're right, no way in hell am I gonna run double that distance, or even ten km more! :)

I think people like you are made up of more than flesh and blood.

Anyway, went to the start with Ms Leong to see the flag off of the ultra. Met Tey and Victor but didnt see you. Cant wait to read your report.