Friday, June 6, 2008

Ride a bike, or walk

With petrol price now raising towards real market price, a bunch load of malaysians are complaining. RM 2.70 is deemed to expensive. While we can fault the government for all are woes, we ought to realize oil is a finite resource.

It's oil that has been powering our economy for the past 150 years. Oil equals cheap energy. It's oil that has been oiling our transportation, electricity, manufacturing, and food production. When oil price goes up, the baseline cost for economic activity goes up as well.

Daily maximum oil production is hovering at 87 million barrels per day. Not any more. Even if the world demands more of it. There has not been major oil discoveries over the years. And if you look at what Petronas is saying, we'll become a net importer of oil and gas soon.

To make the future worse, the supply of oil, which has reached the peak, will eventually go down drastically. Imagine a bell curve, and now, we are at the top. The future is the curve going down.

If we don't learn to adapt to changes, and searching for alternative energy source, we'll be ill prepared for this.

Lets start by driving less, and getting around by walking or riding the bike. If you don't have a bike, get a cheap one. Malaysians somehow just love to get around in cars, even to nearby places.
It's time to change that. Walk or cycle. You'll pollute less that way, and save on fuel.

Please take a look at Amsterdam. I wished Malaysia is more like this:
Amsterdam Bicycles

There's a reason why we have legs.


michlooi said...

how can we start it... :( ... I really want to cycle to work to save petrol .

yipwt said...

hi mich,

Try to ride using a cheap bike....plan the route...then pray hard.

I think somebody got to start.