Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frasers Hill Ride

At Kuala Kubu Baru....

The best view of the dam.

Frasers hill map at the Gap

Amid the watch tower

The smoke house

Another view of the dam. It's bigger than semenyih...

Frasers Hill Ride

I was pretty undecided which ride I was going to choose. Up Genting Highlands again or Fraser hill.
But some after thoughts brought my sanity back. Going up genting is gritty, and is hell. So I opt for Fraser.

I set up to drive from Cheras to KKB to meetup with the others (Raymond Ng, Raymond Hee, Michelle, Heng & wife, Siok Bee). On the car mileage, it showed 72km (Cheras-batu caves-ulu yam-batang kali-kkb).

Departed from KKB around 8:30am. Then I was soon pushing hard towards the dam. In fact I was pushing hard up till the Gap. Scenery was awesome, along the dam, up towards the never ending winding road to the Gap. Cycling training time is pretty limited, so if I cycled, it means pushing above comfort level. I was doing consistently 19km to 20km/h, until I met Herman who was cycling alone towards the top of Fraser on a mountain bike. We chatted and soon reached the Gap.

Soon after a few minutes, the rest of the gang came. But we had to wait till 11:00am before they let upgoing traffic the right to use the road. Apparently there's 2 ways to go up, but only this one was open. The other one 12km is a newer road but was closed due to land slide.

And, once it was open. I was pushing like mad up as well. The gradient was pretty manageable, and I guess the distance is around 8km to the top.

At the top, we had lunch, but due to a miss timing, had to wait for 2pm for the next turn down. So all of us, stopped at the Smokehouse, which is a colonial times house. The interior was pretty charming, and so was the price for drinks. We felt kinda odd wearing sportswear while doing english fine dining.

Going down was a fast affair, except being drenched the rain while just reaching KKB.


Just for some profile. The climb up from KKB to Fraser hill is 1100 meters up with the distance of 40km. It's a good place for cycling compared to Genting Sempah (lesser traffic), but due to the distance from KL coupled with price of fuel, it'll be a non regular affair.


Meng said...

The new road from the Gap to Fraser's Hill is closed to cars only. You can cycle up though I have not gone up for more than a year. The first part of the new road is steep and some cyclists have to get down and push their bikes, but I don't think it will be a problem for you.

Seng Meng

yipwt said...

hi meng,

Thanks...yeah..siok bee also did mentioned it was tough...and longer.

aini said...

ooo.. so it's not as hard as some ppl put it.. hmm.. only 40km KKB to Fraser's hill eh? might consider joining it next time..

Anonymous said...

KKB-Fraser is a great classic ride. Few cars, long hill and cooling lunch. Safer than Genting. You can bike from KL and reach the summit in jut 100km. Anyone know how hard to cross is the landslide on the new closed road? S

zulhassan said...

rancak betul sekarang ni berlatih kayuh ya.