Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Putrajaya-Bukit Aman-Gunung Nuang

No, this is not related to any political cum sexual issues on the mainstream media.

Thursday night, Putrajaya 35k ride with Andy's gang was my first night ride there. Learned some new tips while riding in a peloton.
Cycling with others is a team sport. So got to obey rules. Besides that, I got to ogle at 3k a pair of carbon rims. Damn, my bike cost 1.7k only, while those rims are 3k. Does it makes you go faster? you bet.

Saturday, Bukit aman was a brick done under Uncle Chan's group. And really, the stuff they do for training is an eye opener. For the first time in my life, I got to know "the wall". It's a 100 plus meter distance+, around 30 percent gradient climb, and we got to do that for 3 times. Not to mention the other ups and downs around double hill. In total did 40k cycle, 5k run.

Sunday, Gunung Nuang run up and down the peak was the worst kind of torture. With heavy rain soaking everything, and slippery muddy terrain, it was just plain hard and cold. Time was 5:47, which is the slowest time so far.
I did this for Mount Kinabalu climbathon training. And frankly I don't know if I could do it. Just train and hope it goes well.

Putrajaya nite ride...

Free wheeling at bukit aman

After the 'brick'

Wheather was so cold, my hands and feet were numb....


Anonymous said...


Wah..u train hard for mt k climbathon.

Maybe u need to test one real prerace b4 climbathon.

Nowday airasia is cheap mah,u can ask for permission try run up to laban rata from timpohan gate.The u should know u able to complete the race in 4:30 bo..or 2:30 up to summit.

Maybe u can learn from Iwata or Sam,japan 2 famous ironman in cchoo group.They completed in veteran.

But gavin bong is another one can share his knowledge with u,although he still not official clock 4:30 for finisher,but he manage one time reached peak after few minutes q time.

Another one u can ask is tan song hua,he just miss within 5 mins,but his marathon time is sub 3 kaki,cinya..he love to mountain race.But now he work in singapore,no email one.Can contact by phone,if u need,let me know..tks !!

yipwt said...

Tey issit?

I'll just go there and try it. If fail...well. got next time :)

Running marathon and mountain is so much different. Just got to train to get used to it. :)