Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th Gunung Nuang Run

Had another run with my brother. I've not run up bukit segar last week, but surprisingly, I was able to move faster for the first 5km of the trail. I was just happy I could run (and not walk one bit) until I reach the waterfalls. Although there's a bit downhill, but generally the terrain is going up around 10-30 degrees.

Then, moving up to the peak was a fast affair as well. I beaten my brother to reach it at 2:27 from the carpark. If this was mount sabah climbathon, it means I could qualify the time up (max 2:30), but...and that's a big but, because going up Kinabalu means going up 2229 meters, while for nuang the vertical climb is only 1300 meters, which means I've got to do double height of Nuang to equal kinabalu.

Going down was a fast affair as well. Managed to reach the carpark at 4:31. We've pushing real hard at the last leg, but alas it's still a bit more than 4:30

I still have doubts I could do it. I've never went up that mountain. So climbathon will mean going up for the first time.

The first of the campsites..

Behind me was Yeoh. I've seen him running in local runs. I think he does Nuang as a training ground as well..

Once you reach the first false peak, it's going down again, then up again till you reach the peak.

At the peak

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