Sunday, July 27, 2008

Need for Speed

I've never been serious in speed when running for the past year. As long as I can finish, I will be happy with it.

But since joining triathlons with OD distance, the elites just amazed me. How could they do everything so fast?

So lately I've been questioning how I should go faster. It dawned on me, that in order to go faster, you've got to train to be fast. By training specifically for speed, one could push the lactate threshold higher, and also recruit more muscles when going faster.

I won't go into training specifics here, because there's tons of literature on the web on how to train faster.

My personal goals on running would be achiving an average pace of 4.5 minute / km. Last sunday I did the bukit aman-hartamas loop (distance 20.22km), and managed to eke out 4.9 minute pace. While not terribly fast, with my left knee wound still healing, I was famished when reaching the end.

But...I still love ultra running. Maybe...just maybe after sabah climbathon, I'll attempt a 10 loops around hartamas, totalling 200km. I am giving myself 1 and half days to complete it non stop. Anyone can join, just run as much as you can.


Anonymous said...



sgloong said...

OMG... pls dont scare me lah... eh Yip how come i didnt see u in PD??

tryathlete said...

200km?! wow! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yip, 200km from KL-JB is thinkable...but in loops??? That'll take mountains of mental strength. All the best!

yipwt said...

I didn't do PD because of injury.

After thinking, running loops in bkt aman is easier than hulu langat because at least here, there's place where you can refuel easier.

zulhassan said...

good luck 200km. yip jangan sampai cedera dahlah ya....