Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breaking 40 minutes in 2km swim

I have always yearn for setting a pace of 40 minutes for 2km swim for a long time. I knew it was almost impossible to get under 40 minutes. But today I finally did it.

For the first 1.5km, I was swimming with the "elite" usual swimmers who were putting a fast pace. And I was able to match their speed consistently. The next 0.5km was on my own. Swimming at this kind of pace, was tough as I was pushing more than 80% max heart rate, but I kept on pushing.

And finally I finished at 38 minutes 54 secs. It was a moment where I felt like getting an Olympic gold medal. Breaking the 40 minutes mental barrier proves that I still can go faster, and I believe I can.


bola2api said...

gila la yip.. kau mmg gila..

salute! i don't know what u are made out of, man.. kau mmg terer...

**mulut aku masih ternganga.. in awe.. hahaha

missjewelz said...

i kena swim sama u la like this..

yipwt said...


As long as you train faster, you can go faster..

that time is still slow if compared to pros. I think they can do sub 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

i've been swimming for 3 weeks, and i just did this :P

Anonymous said...

You're the best!