Sunday, August 3, 2008

I wished my bike is made of carbon

No doubt about it, my bike speed is still slow. Last saturday ride at putrajaya with shazly's group proved that either I need to put more effort on the bike, or I need to get a lighter bike. Most probably, before ironman langkawi, I ought to have a TT bike, or else I will be going less than 30kmh average. Shazly's P3C cervelo bike is certainly fast, and all I could do is draft behind him. Keeping up is pretty tough as well.

Stupe & azmar were way in front. But what strike me most is Upiq's ability to put on a good bike speed by pedalling at the highest gear. He certainly has powerful legs that comes with his large frame.

We manage to get only 63km, then head for a 4.8km run. But with all the fast cycling we did, I was really bonk. Not having much food before cycling had reduced my body's fuel to zero. However run we did, and I had to walk some parts of it.

After that, I head to the nearest mamak store and ate my heart out.

Sunday. I ran Nuang alone this time. It's been weeks since I hit this mountain. Climbathon is in 3 weeks, so this would be my second last attempt up.

As usual, the first 5km run is tough, but still manage to keep it at 34 minutes.

Surprisingly I bumped into Choy (veteran guy) and Roger (now only I knew it was his son, met this dude with Zip wheels at my first putrajaya nite ride).

And although I didn't thought I could break any record, I was happy to reach the peak at 2:27, same time like the last. Going up had been not easy. I am guessing that I was going around 80% max heart rate all the while up.

Coming down was a quick affair. But sometimes painful. Countless time my toes hit rocks, roots, and almost fell. I managed to get a better time of 4:15'19, the fastest so far.


Stupe said...

Yip - i was more concerned that the Saturday mileage wasn't enough for you. Well done on the bike. Seriously, it's not really abut the bike, it's ourselves. As it is, i am struggling to keep up with the Evil bike.

tryathlete said...

yip, my blue cervelo p2c is still up for sale :p

yipwt said...

stupe, your bike is pure orbea evil! Believe me, you guys were fast...and I am still wayyyyy behind.

Ariff, thanks. Will contact u soon.

heckler said...

bro, it's not the bike lah...

you can't be xpecting to ride at the same pace with the rest of the guys, they alreay have an IM under their belt. imagine if you are riding side by side or even faster? i think those IM will never ride again.

it's like you have been running ultra marathon with your average shoe, then a rookie came along with a super state of the art shoe, does this mean he can be running side by side with you?

mileage is the key word. you just started riding, don't expect miracle.

be cool dude

yipwt said...


thanks...i know I still need to train more on the bike. In fact to be real good at cycling would take years.

Abu Soffian said...

Janji rajin training...jangan ikut mcm aku...malas...malas nak kayuh...seminggu sekali je

Upiq said...


It's already scary reading things that you've done and it's more scary to know that you wish you'll be as fast as the IMs.

Knowing your philosophy "Impossibole is null", i guess, it's just a matter of time before you'll be as fast as them.

missjewelz said...

wa..go nunang alone... next time ajak me !!! anyways, nice to 'bump' in2u last nite.. :) so sleepy and sejuk during the cycle...LOL...

missjewelz said...

train smart! and hard !

missjewelz said...

oh ya, sorry la yesterday.. i didnt get to go back2my room2get my cycling attire and other the time i get 2gombak and then drive to putrajay wud probably take me 2-3 hours ! heavy traffic plus the rain. thats y decided straight2go to putrajaya,thru ampang, drop by at alamanda..quickly get d attire, and proceed2dataran putra 2meet u guys.. tak sempat buy drink bottle or light for the bike.. lucky i got another bottle extra in my car..and i actually drink a lot lah yip...its just that last nite i didnt prepare myself well..but kayuh okay je lah.. so used to surviving with only the basics..

CP Waterman said...

Hehe I've found a secret weapon for you from the supermarket just opposite my house:-

yipwt said...


it's everyone's dream to be fast on bike :)

nice meeting you there...u r super fast. I bet you can be the top if you keep on training faster.

electric bike?...i wished i could use that for Ironman..haha

bola2api said...

i think all u need is a heart of steel ;)

all the best in your ironman training

Bink said...

Well, like they all said. It's the man not the bike.Give it time and you'll be freaking fast