Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saucony Type A2 Review

Had a run at bukit aman-hartamas (20.22k):

Basic Adidas Trainer: 1:40'26
Saucony Type A2: 1:35'31

If you want to shave minutes off your run, this is the shoe to get. Period.

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Raymond said...

I agree.Saucony rocks!I did a modest 1:56 in 22.5km kotr yesterday with just minimal effort by wearing my fastwitch 3.Normally i would have gone beyond 2hr for that distance!

kev said...

Actually I would like to have a lightweight shoe. Some more red colour - my favourite! But is this too light? Suitable for marathon, enough cushioning? I think I'll opt for Ray's Fastwitch instead.

abuomar said...

hai yip,
sy nampak awak lari masa desaru. sy perlahan je, 1jam di belakang awak.
nak tanya kat mana kedai jual saucony a2? berapa rege?

C-CUBE said...

Yip, Thx for putting up the review. I am very happy to hear that the shoe is up to your expectation. Wear it and Rock all der races.

Dr Rum, You too. The Fatswitch 3 is another racer to watch. Thx for your comments too.

Kev, Comparing The Fastwitch 3 and Type A2, the former will have better cushioning support which you are looking for. Just go for it and it will not go wrong. Already proven of its capability in Malaysia soil. The Type A2 is a fast & furious shoe for 10k and max 21k.

Abuomar, I am reselling Saucony in Malaysia. These friends of yours bought the Saucony shoe from me. Give me a call at 0193289083 or email me at

Yip, I hope you dont mind of me doing some marketing at your blogsite.