Monday, December 22, 2008

Get Moving People...

This morning, I went for, once in awhile, breakfast with roti canai with teh tarik (less sugar). I know it's not the best and healthiest breakfast, but I wanted to enjoy the morning sun, having breakfast and looking at the papers.

And sometimes, I look with amazement at how some guys maintain disproportionate waist line, while having almost exactly the same kind of mamak food. This guy was, I guess, morbidly obese. And he was gulping down mee goreng and teh tarik. I had a few questions. First, does he tried to help himself by slimming down. Secondly, does he know that this kind of condition will worsen into diabetes and heart problems? In fact, does he really care for his health? I couldn't imagine myself being in his shoes.

In fact, the revenue stream collected by government run IJN is into the millions of dollars ( RM287.3 in 2007 ), shows that heart related patients are on the rise. And with Sime Darby eyeing IJN, it's becoming a reality that treating heart disease is looking way profitable than oil palm plantations.

How many malaysians really do sweat out? Ever wonder why men die earlier than women? After running around my neighbourhood for some weeks, I began to observe the following. Middle age and older women usually take a walk together, chit chatting, and they probably walk an hour or more. The men? One guy walks his dog, with pot belly hanging around his waist, while smoking. Another middle age obese guy, was sweeping in front of his garden. A few guys do walk. Some walk the dog with their wife. Only one or two men ran seriously.

The rest? I hardly see them exercise, or maybe some do go to the gym or some indoor sports. But I reckoned that 50% don't do a thing.

As I walk to my office this morning, I saw a Vitagen sign "Health is Wealth". And how true is that....if only majority of us start realizing it, and get out to sweat out.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

i fully agree with you!
men are like "garbage trucks" consuming whatever they can get their hands on.

i've tried many times to introduce and encourage friends into running. of course i start with morning walk lah...and slowly proceded into jogging. no runnng...yet! otherwise they will be terrified!

men (obese ones) are damm difficult to get them to even think about getting fit. at least the ladies...well, at least some of them started to do walking.

Raymond said...

I always encourage my non-sporting frens to run but they always tease me back instead. They said i have nothing better else to do!

yipwt said... least we try our part. I am trying to encourage my friends to do something as well...not necessarily running.

You could do your own sports...but it ought to involve some cardio.

RunWitMe said...

Totally agree wit you! But must control food oso. Exercise but no contol on food can also backfire, because exercise will make you hungry faster. I think the keyword here is balance. Eat moderately and excercise.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. Sometimes they're blissfully ignorant, sometimes they've tried but gave up, sometimes they just don't care.

Upiq said...

I was once the garbage truck.

Taking both roti canai and nasi lemak for breakfast was a norm. Never felt anything with it.

However, i am glad that i started walking that 'one' evening, eventhough it was only for 400metres.

My life has changed since then.

Upiq said...

having said that, i'm still a truck minus the garbage.

yipwt said...

hi upiq...u have my respect, because you are doing something about it.

Keep on doing could "lose" more...:)

Carboman said...

as cruel as it sounds like, i think the morbidity rate in this country isn't high enough to instigate a revolution. more people must die before folks start to realize. that's always the case whether it's social revolution, or health revolution.

yipwt said...

hmm..true..people do die..but not at the rate of plague.

If you don't do all those still live...but perhaps with a bit of extra tyre, higher heart attack risk..etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yipwt, I am not far from the guy in the pic but I do felt there is an urge to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I started to jog and swim on alternate days and come across your site in looking for training resources.I am starting from zero and I am pretty amazed at those who can cycle or run endless KM, hope I can be them soon!
Is there some group and thingy I can join and learn to train myself?

yipwt said...

hi anonymous,

Yea..i get what you mean. To get started, you can join some running groups like, which is a running group.

There's triathlon group as well. This one is a bit complicated of which group you want to join, because there's a few.

But if you start somewhere, you will bound to meet the same group of people.