Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fraser Loop Ride: Pure Climb

I started the ride quite late, around 8:55am from HOA. The plan is to ride what cyclist call the Fraser loop (HOA Gombak-Genting Sempah-Bentong-Tranum-Fraser Gap-KKB-Batang Kali-Ulu Yam-Batu Caves-HOA). Think of it of going over the Titiwangsa range twice, and you get the feeling of how much hill climbs one has to tackle.

Manage to reach Bentong after 2 hours 5 minutes. Then I head straight for the famous Bentong Kow Po iced serving for refuelling. It's going to take more than ais kacang to climb up to Fraser, so I had some usual mixed rice from the nearby mamak. After half an hour, I head for Tranum, although I roughly try to guess it's on the way to Raub. Actually you don't need to go Raub, because after a few km north, you'll see a left turning to a road that goes through 2 villages before hitting Tranum.

The path before Tranum has rolling hills, generally on the uphill, but with some downhills as well. I stopped at one of the village to have 100 plus, and also to refill the bottle with chrysanthemum tea. There was this middle age guy, who looks more like a taxi driver, but somehow I think he stays nearby. We chatted a little. I asked how far to Fraser, and he said quite a distance. He also did mentioned of tigers appearing on that stretch, which I can't make out whether he was pulling my leg.

Once I reached Tranum, which looks more like a ghost town with a police station, is the point where I had to climb 21km uphill to Fraser Gap. And boy, this ain't easy. Harder than Genting Sempah. There's no flat surface, and the gradient hovers around 4-5% consistently. The scenery was nice though. Very fraser like..

Manage to reached Gap, and there were tons of cars queing up to go up to the top. Rested awhile, before speeding like mad to Kuala Kubu Baru. But got drenched by the rain as I reached town. Settled for roti canai for refuelling, before going to Batang Kali (around 16km from KKB).

Stopped to pray for awhile after Batang Kali. There is a turning to Gohtong Jaya, and yes, there's some crazy fellows (bacin, shazly, adzim) who went up Gohtong Jaya, then Genting Sempah, and then HOA.

Ulu Yam is just 6km from Batang Kali. Then this is the last stretch before hitting batu caves. There's 2 major climb, one long (4km) and one short (few hundred meters). The first one got me pedalling slowly, grinding at 11kmh, and boy, it's not easy after all those climbs before. Then zoomed down at excess speed of 50kmh afterwards. The last climb had me worried. Could I make it?

It's short but every bit of it is like going up Genting. I was pedalling at 9kmh, and after much hardship, finally it's over. Then passed through batu caves which has terrible, terrible traffic. Then went up to the road to UIA, and at last, hammering it down back to HOA.

Managed to reach HOA around 7:20pm. Mileage is 192km.

Tired, yes...Butt pain...yes....can run? .... yes..i think so. I better be able to run coz ironman is another 42km of running.

After Genting Sempah...

Kow Po...was quite deserted. The boss was wondering where were my other friends...

The road to Tranum...I got chased by a pack of dogs...but they get bored after awhile. this actually a town?

Fraser Gap...


Dancing Ciken said...

wohooo well done yip!

ulu yam paling torture, blergh. can imagine the climb right now

i did this alone?

Dancing Ciken said...

eh? sori

* u did this alone?

yipwt said...


Ulu yam is torture allrite...long long climb 4km.

yea..i did it alone.

小夜@saya said...

s usual, d-ultraman scares every1 wit his workouts =D
way 2go, steven =D

bola2api said...

semua orang pegi broga these days. that's why not many going elsewhere, hence, takde orang pegi Kow Po

happy new year. good luck with IM training and take care!

zulh said...

dogs... tu pun nak belatih gak :D

i benci giler dgn anjing terutama bila sdg climb kena kejar.

1 man show???? power.... ironman under 13jam rasa tak mustahil bagi ko ni YIP.

kev said...

Ah yes, Tranum is a town, a town with 3 shops. My dad's hometown is in Raub, so we pass by there each time we go down. But not now, because we take the new road now.

And Kow Po is the bomb! Honestly, I've never eaten there despite being so near to Raub. My ride there with THG was my first cendol ice cream!

Well done, Yip. You are one crazy fella!

yipwt said...

3 shops?....more like ghost town.

So you guys went there last saturday? It was raining like mad....