Thursday, January 1, 2009

Broga Jantan 180km

I started the ride from home approx 7.00. Hope to catch jaja's group doing broga jantan.
For cyclist, broga is synonymous with 140km of torturous hill climbs, which starts from hulu langat bt 18, tekala, semenyih.
Then turn into broga, lenggeng, klawang, and back up to bt 18. I have reach broga once, but not actually a loop because after semenyih, i head
straight back home.

Managed to reach bt 18 in 1 hour, but the guys were not there. So I went ahead trying to cycle to Tekala, then semenyih. Stopped by Semenyih for a drink,
and soon found that I dropped by sunnies some where...oh well. Then head straight for Broga, Lenggeng, and finally reaching the first major climb.
Gradient is around 7 percent. But the second climb was a bit less harder. Zoomed down in 62km/h.

Then reaching the junction to bukit tangga. But still I havent seen the group. Have seen some riders doing the broga 'pondan'* though.
I stopped by to have some jackfruit and coconut water. There'll be some major climb after this.

I anticipated climbing bukit tangga from this side tough, but actually it's way easier. Save for the early part, the rest is a smooth climb up.
Then it was zooming to klawang. I think I reached around 12pm. Had lunch at the restaurant. I asked the boss if any cyclist came, and he said none.
I think I must have missed them somewhere.

Now for the last climb to Peres, it was a bit tough, but actually not so hard. There's around 3 hill climbs but also some parts are downhill.
Save for the last climb up Genting Peres, the rest were pretty manageable. Then it's all the way to bt 18. Plus the distance from home it's 159km.

At last for the last climb up Ampang Hill, this is way tougher. Then back to home to record 180km right on the dot. Hey...ironman distance!

* 'Broga pondan' and 'Broga jantan' is copyrighted by Shazly Khan.
Broga pondan goes the other way round. So it's compulsory for male cyclist to do the broga jantan, unless you want to be labelled pondan.

Year of the cow...

At the border of Jelebu...this is at the top of Bukit Tangga.


bola2api said...

mcm senang je.. hahaha.. i think it depends on 'who' I ask hehe

how long did it take u to finish the ride?

yipwt said...

hi aini,

The broga part is actually not so hard. I think most seasoned cyclist will have no problem.

But coming back Ampang...quite a bit.

Start 7am finish 4pm.

Dancing Ciken said...

(Then it was zooming to klawang. I think I reached around 12pm.)

12pm we're Hulu Beranang (before Lenggeng), had a crash ;)

well done yip!

yipwt said...

yea..heard there's some crash...gotta be careful...

Stupid_O said...

yip...the route that you proposed? that's shit loads of climbing and it'll take you a very long time. by the tim eyou're done it'll be dark and i really don't suggest going down sempah at night. the fraser loop itself is enough climbing and 192 km long ride is plenty long for IM training. if you want a harder loop, you can go up to gohtong after batang kali then down to sempah instead of going through ulu yam. it's still 190+ km but after sempah and fraser, up to gohtong will be quite hard. the last time we did it we got back around 7. or if you time it right then HOA - bentong - tranum - gap - clock tower - gap - kkb - batang kali - ulu yam will be about 215 km.

yipwt said...

hi adzim...I saw it from your blog at the first place...

Looks like worth the challenge...yea..i agree it'll be tough to pull it out.

Route: HOA-Bentong-Tranum-Fraser Gap-KKB-Batang Kali-Gohtong Jaya-Genting Top-Sempah-HOA.