Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You can eat my rubber tyres...

I tried cycling to the pool yesterday...and guess what. The time for me to drive there, is almost the same with pedal power. Cars get stuck with traffic lights, jam, and they are pretty slow for short distance urban roads. Bikes and motor bikes however are the best.

For example, it usually takes me 5 minutes to wait for the turn to use the roundabout. But it took me mere seconds to pass all that.

And after swimming, riding the bike, could help give some 'brick' workout. The route around here is a bit hilly, so there's some pretty interesting hill climb to tackle.

I think, I'll cycle more to the pool. It's not because I want to save the earth, or go green. I just want to get there faster. You can thank me for one less car on the road. :)

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azizan fixie said...

Hi Yipwt

I cycle to work fr usj to kl and in my opinion it's d most efficient mode of transport:-) For me it's quite safe riding in Malaysia.