Thursday, January 22, 2009

Msian Footballers Not Fit Enough

While we don't question the commitment of our soccer players, who kept on failing to score, one could raise the question of why they are not at their right fitness level?

Wait, this begs the other way round of questioning.

If you are really, totally, committed, then how come your fitness level is still in the dumps?

Aren't you guys suppose to train real hard? Most of us in the Tri scene, has full time jobs, and yet we could manage 10+ hours per week training our butts off. So, I suggest those footballers read some of our ironmen blogs to get inspired, or else, nobody wants to watch msia football.

Rebranding FAM with Nike will not just cut it, if majority Malaysians still thinks it's worth watching EPL, compared to local players.

Football: National coach ready to walk after mauling by UAE

And then there's the issue of Malaysia hockey players, whom some are smoking. Put it this way, if you are a professional in sports, and you smoke, then there's something real wrong with that thinking. In fact, it's better you quit the sports, and let someone else better goes in.

Hockey: Take the NSI way to quit smoking

Now, our sportsmen have all the best help they can get. They get overseas training, datukships, money.

But you don't win by getting lots of help. It's those tough situation that pushes you to the edge, which makes you stronger. It's the pure fight for survival that will make you fight harder. Take it from Greg Bennett, who thinks those athletes who received help from National Tri Organisation as weak. This guy races for incomes. If he deosn't make it, he'll have nothing.

Nothing comes easy, you'll have to fight for it.


Anonymous said...

Don't mean to brag, but I think aa...when it comes to commitment, determination, willpower etc etc, even us who come in last during marathons win hands down compared to our local athletes. We don't even expect money or datukship as rewards. I think if they can have even half as much the mental strength that we have, we can see some improvement in local sports. ;)
You're right, they should sneak some time from their busy training schedule and check out our blogs and pick up a tip or two, like how people train day and night for the coming IM09! And the IMs dont even get datukship!

yipwt said...

yeap...those who put efforts to run, train regardless of rewards, have much sweeter victory.

let me suggest. To get a datuk, you must at least do a olympic tri, then tan sri must do half IM distance, and lastly, to get Tun, you must do an ironman.


Carboman said...

they shud watch and the other 2 Badwater documentaries. pampered boys