Monday, January 12, 2009

Car gone

I had the misfortune of losing my car to theft last wednesday. And it wreck havoc on getting around town. I never knew that someone wanted that 'old junk' but yet it got lost.

The first thing to do was to figure out how I could resume normal life. How could I get around Klang valley amid the hopeless, stitched together public transport.

So, the first thing I did was getting a 2nd hand road bike from Manage to get one at RM 540. Pretty ok for short distance to the pool, and even maybe town. Sometimes I wonder, why could I not cycle around KL to get around, given the fact that I could easily do a 100km on training rides. The answer lies in the not so safe to cycle road lanes. Malaysia is not a bicycle friendly place. There's no bicycle lane. To get from point A to point B, using the highway, you'll need a car.

But I am pretty adamant of not getting a car for one year,..I hope. I had just paid off the car loan last middle year, and was feeling happy that I could use the extra cash for other purpose like tri, and now, am not truly interested in becoming a slave to the bank.

If I do get a car, it'll be cash and probably around 10k.

And I am taking the insurance get myself a tri bike. :P

On another note...managed to upgrade my wheel set. Hopefully, this would get me faster on the bike..i hope.


bola2api said...

kesian u..

take care

zulhassan said...

ada hikmahya tu.....sabar.

PandanKia said...

First time at your blog.
It should read Run, Forrest, Run
with 2 T's

Great work nontheless.

plee said...

Sorry about your loss! But I admire you positive approach to it. I agree Malaysian city roads very unsafe for riders and runners. Yesterday while running and crossing a junction a van just overtook and cut into my lane with 150mm space to spare. Also happend on the bike once.

Anyways good luck and all the best

yipwt said...

hi guys...update:

My car is found. A bit of damage...but nevertheless.

Hmm....but i'll still want to try cycling instead of driving.

Iman said...

wow! you're sure lucky....
though now you'll need to spend additional cost for repairs....

yipwt said...

hi iman,

yea...but the car insurance gonna pay for that :P

Anonymous said...

Yip, my sympathies! Tho I agree with you that Msia is not cyclist-friendly, my friend actually cycles everywhere, or uses the deplorable public transport, no car. And this friend is female. Anyway, RWM is oso carless if I'm not mistaken. I guess for some people they can survive lah being carless.

I'd like to ditch my car too, and cycle everywhere, but with a family it's a must-have lah.

Azman said...

Yip: Nasib baik jumpa balik. But I think it's not gonna change your mind. You've found a new love! Haha.