Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan Ride 271km

The ride from KL started at 7:17am. The wheather was cloudy, and a bit wet, which was great. That means the sun is out of the equation.

Managed to reach Karak after turning in to the highway just before Bentong in 4 hours. Stopped by to have a piece of papaya and 100 plus. The fruit seller said it would be a better idea to put my bike on the truck and take a trip to kuantan. I kinda agreed since there's still 180km.

The next destination was Temerloh situated 52km away from Karak. Managed to reach in about 2 hours time. Had lunch, rested, and was soon on the way to Maran around 40 km away. Until Temerloh, I had covered 149km.

I didn't feel worn down or fatigue. It's just that the distance is so far, and the time cycing is taking the toll on my butt. I didn't need a new pair of legs, but a new butt would just help. And I soon find out that the trucks, 18 wheelers that plied this area with ridiculous speed, could actually suck in my bike. It's due to the bernoulli effect. If two bodies moving at the same speed parallel, there'll be an attraction force between them. So everytime a truck passed by, I had to hold on to dear life, in case I became one of the roadkills.

I finally reached Maran, clocked 195km, at around 5pm. I still had 70+ km. Had 100 plus here as well, then was soon off chasing time to Sri Jaya. Then Gambang. By the time I reached Gambang, it was already 7:15pm. The sky has turned dark. I stopped by Gambang for some nasi impit but no sate and iced coffee.

After Gambang, it's the new 4 lane road to kuantan, totalling 30km. By this time, raid was already pouring, and I was getting wet. I kept on pedalling and the kilometers was closing in. When I finally see the bridge over the kuantan river, I finally knew I reached my destination.
After this was another 3km back to my house in bukit setongkol.


Surprisingly, I didn't feel much fatigue or leg pain, only butt pain for such a long ride (around 12 hours). Maybe it was because I was just using high cadence and didn't use much strength.

And now, am not sure if want to cycle back. It's been raining non stop. Lets see how for tomorrow.


Haza said...

I kind of saw this coming from you. Congrats! :) Esp on the cycling back to KL!

Anonymous said...

gila la lu braderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr clap clap clap!

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