Saturday, February 5, 2011

PACM Track Meet 2011

At the start of the 3200m...
Our 4x400 mens team
Home sprint for the last 150m
Our team for the mixed relay in the format of 200m,400m,600m, and 800m

It's been a very very long time since I ran on a track. In fact if I can recall correctly, since I left university in 2001. And that wasn't a race, but just for usual training for a few rounds. The last time I actually raced in one dates back to high school in 1996.

I used to aced 800m and 1500m during school days. I wasn't a sprinter, so long distance was where my forte lies. The best achievement was winning the cross country 6km sth, in form 5. The previous years I managed to secure the top 10 placing overall. Somehow, I just prefer to run these distances and I find it appealing to race longer.

Now, the only event that I signed up for was the 3000m. The rest where too short, and needed sprinting capabilities, which is something I don't have.

During race day, the 3k became a 3.2km for 8 loops round the track. It was the first event of the day. Jasni was there, so I knew competition would be tough. When the horn blew, as usual, pace was set and the fast runners soon move forward to secure the pace. Jasni, and Ong Chin was fast, followed by a light blue runner pushing forward. Then another westerner surged ahead as well, and Goh too.

I was left behind, and I thought my pace was too fast, so I just hoped I could catch up with them. This proves to be true as I finally caught up with the westerner, Goh, and the light blue runner at the last 2 laps.

But Jasni and Ong Chin was too far ahead. Jasni crossed the line when I was about 150m back. Placing was 3rd overall and 2nd in my age category.

The other 2 events were impromptu. 4x100 men and mixed relay. Now running these 2 was totally something new. Running 400m was hard as I find it hard to sustain the momentum during the last 100m.

And running 800m was awesome as well. Our team was leading the pack, and once Lian Bee Hoon passed the baton, I quickly went all out, as Ong Chin was at the back chasing. I think he managed to edged closer throughout the run. When the last 150m came about, it was all guns ablazing, as I used maximum effort to push for the finishing to win it for the team.

The surprising thing was, I only started sweating after the 800m leg of the mixed relay.

Overall, it was a good event organised by the Pacesetters group as people from all ages, and races mixed together to race something they love.

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