Thursday, February 17, 2011

Putrajaya Twilight Ultramarathon

At the start of the run...
Before the start...
Mich & Ray Ng, this part is across the bridge before the u-turn at the PICC
Jamie, Frank, Karen & Kelvin Ng

Pacing with Ray...
Karen setup a nice refueling station, meant as charity for Orang Asli

Well, I didn't ran a marathon. And actually I didn't sign up. In fact it's only 2 loops (22km). Main reason was I am not into ultras this year, so it's more like supporting the other runners.

A few crazy guys are there as well. Jeff Ooi had been running earlier, and was planning to cover 100km. He managed to do 70plus. Frank and the rest were planning to do 50km. Karen Loh also did a 50km distance.

Ray & mich was there as well. We just ran at our own pace, which was pretty fast to cover 2 loops. I think I was doing it fast just to finish the whole thing fast, so I don't need to run longer.

Then it was just hanging around looking at the other runners, and chit chatting.

I think it's pretty good that more & more runners are doing ultras. That said, ultras is not easy. Know yourself, and know how much your body can take before injury becomes permanent. That's the most important rule to know, cause everyone is different. The more you know how much you are willing to hurt, and knowing that you can come back, the safer you are in the long term.

There's another twilight event in Singapore. All the best to those who are going for that as well.

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