Sunday, February 13, 2011

UM Larian Gemilang Run

Mad dash at the start...
Sprinting all out at the finishing...

Heard this run weeks ago, but only registered after it closed. However, after further enquiries, I managed to get in. My sis, who is currently studying, joined too.

It was advertised as 10km run. And it didn't start on schedule, which kind off pissed the runners waiting for at least an hour or so. There was even a senamrobik warm up, and a speech by the VIP. Considering that it wasn't professionally organised, I was pretty ok with it. But I don't think it's a good idea to start late based on advertised. Or else we won't be here so early.

Managed to met Paul Liong, who was running barefoot. And his sifu is no other than Tan Wah Seng, probably Msia's most recognised barefoot runner.

The UPNM guys, notably Chan Jun Sen were there. And Barry Lee, a fellow Ironman, was there as well.

The ladies were let off first, followed by the guys. Since it was a short distance, the start was a mad dash out. I tried following a group of indian runners who wasn't accelerating, but were setting up the pace.

We ran out UM, on onto the ramp downwards along Federal Highway. Now the shocking part is, there's no cones on the left for us. Crossing the road from the side up the bridge requires risking your life. However, I kept going as hard as my breathing is possible. A chinese guy in blue shirt ran past me at this point.

Then we reentered UM, and we had to run up this long steep hill, which by then I managed to catch up with the chinese guy. I didn't want to kill myself up the hill. And as I ran downwards, I saw another runner in front (Ran speed? based on FB). Caught up with him, but then he quicken his pace and dropped me.

Now I guess he thought I was left behind. He slowed down. So I quickly ran silently behind, matching his pace, as to obscure the fact I was just 1 meter back. When we reached the final 200m, I went all out. Lungs are at max capacity. Legs are at longest possible strides. And all that just for a 7th placing. He later said he didn't know I was at the back.

The nice thing about the run is that prizes were given up to 30th placing! My sis managed to get 14th placing for a hamper. Mich and Oh Yann Kai (2nd) got prizes as well.


ajo said...

hwahahaha.. best-best. Main kejar-kejar.. :)
apa hadiah dapat?

Piffles said...

i've been told that you should send them your complaints - they need as much as feedback as possible for their bad organisation. ;)

Victor L. said...

They repeated their mistakes this year. Checkout my comments and pictures at