Monday, June 13, 2011

The Devil II Reincarnated

Sexiest seat ever...

For the past few months I've been scouting for a new TT bike. I had been riding the Argon 18 Mercury for the past 3 years, and the front bar is having some corrosion. So I guess it's time to break the bank for a new bike, or the frame will accidentally break? (Actually very unlikely, but that's just some excuse).

I finally settled for the Specialized Transition. Now, it's actually not the most aero bike, but it looks gorgeous with aerofoil design in almost every part of the geometry. I bought the standard complete package, and then replaced the seat with the sexiest one I could find, red tape for the default white tap, and added an aero bottlecage.

Daniel helped with some tips on the bike fitting, did the final assembly, and the result was promising.

I've done 2 rides. The first was in Putrajaya, and the second using the usual hulu langat route. I noticed climbing is a bit sluggish, but perhaps that's because the back wheels is placed too near to the frame. It has ajustable back wheel position, which is great as sometimes you might have larger tyres.

But on the flats & downhill, it's totally a different riding experience.

On the flats, with the trispokes, cruising at 40kmh was made easier.

It goes downhill so silent as if you're in stealth mode. And handling is pretty stable, so assured, that there's total confidence in cornering.

But, the bike is not everything, and one still has to train. Only thing if I ride too slow, then style would be a consolation.


Simon said...

That is one sweet looking ride. Congratulations.

Francis said...

THAT, is a total Stunner! WOW!

TSB said...

Style is everything.
Look like a million bucks.
Nevermind if you're slow.

At least that's how I am :)

Azman said...

a '666' sticker on the seat post and the devil will be complete. a mean bike. very nice yip.