Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nirvana Memorial Charity Run

At the start..
Chasing the 2 Caucasians..
But ended in 4th

It's titled 5km fun run. Now this is one of the shortest run course I've ever done.

Upon receiving the bib, not many had signed up. But on the race day itself, some fast legs were there.

There was 2 Caucasians, one elderly & the other young. And some local indians. When the race started, they were off sprinting, and I had to give chase. I was tailing them for some time, before the real fast guys (2 indians) just past us like effortlessly.

Well, this is a 5km race, and you just had to put the hammer down. But due to my lower cadence turn over, I knew it's next to impossible to even hang on to those guys, so I just tried to go at my own pace.

At the turn around, the indian pair went off even faster. I was still finding myself chasing the caucasians, whom one I eventually caught up with, the younger one. He had slowed down considerably, I think due to over pushing.

Ran back in 4th position in 15:53 for a distance of 4:34 (not actually 5km), pace 3.66min/km. It's a pretty flat course. I had run my limit, but as you go faster, certain limitations will kick in. Had to improve on my cadence.

Michelle got first in the ladies. Unfortunately no prizes is given, as it's for everyone. This ought to be rectified next year, if it's held.

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