Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Double Gohtong & Fraser Gap

At Gohtong...

Superbikes at the Gap
Lepaking at Fraser Gap
At Gohtong, 2nd time..

Suddenly I got this idea of climbing Gohtong twice, with fraser gap to top that up. Now climbing from HOA gombak to Gohtong is really hard, but to climb from Batang Kali a second time, is something unknown, nor have I heard anyone doing it. Could it be done? Or would I puke on the second climb.

On the way up Gohtong, I met with Suhaimi Amy and his gang. They were stopping just after the first checkpoint from Sempah. At first we were together, but somehow he had went down to check on his friends.

Downhill gohtong to batang kali is dangerous but fun. Just remember to grab the brakes tightly, but not all the time. You don't want your rims overheating, which might burst the tyres. I had this once happened after descending from Genting peak, but luckily it happened when I was near HOA car park.

Then it was a boring, monotonous climb up Fraser Gap. I think the only fun I had was counting the decreasing kilometers on the cyclometer. At gap, met with 3 singaporeans who had cycled from Batang Kali.

I didn't plan to go up peak, so I headed straight down KKB, took a refill at Batang Kali, and then boom, it rained cats n dogs. Have to wait another 30 minutes before I could climb up Gohtong.

I wasn't worried on timing as there's ample time. As usual, climbing up this route, is mentally & physically draining. All climbs and climbs for a few km straight. The wet road made it easier, compared to if the sun was shining at your back.

Finally I reached Gohtong, which I so happily concluded that it's not impossible to climb it twice.

Then it's all the way back HOA.

I tried to roughly calculate the total ascent, and it should be around close to 2500m of climb. The view has been fantastic though, which is why I like climbing hills. The higher you get, the better the view, with sweeping valleys, and majestic mountains to accompany you.

Distance ought to be close to 180km. My meter said it was 176, but it had malfunctioned the last few k down.


I'll try to go up Fraser peak on the next ride. Now if only they would allow the route up Genting Peak, the 3 Peaks could as well be double Genting Peak & Fraser Peak. Now that would be something...

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