Friday, May 11, 2007

12 km training ground in Cheras

I usually do a 12km run around cheras, morning, sometimes at night. But the route is full with hill climbs uphill and downhill. In fact, the only flat stretch is the last 1.5km.

At the start, it's already a steep uphill run. Then downhill. Then another uphill for at least 1km. Then downhill...then the last uphill. But what is rewarding is the morning scenery, which will make your matter what is in your mind. So it's worth it to run to the top...

Here's the google map link.

Here's some pics I took on the route..

this part is damn....steep...almost 30 degrees

Once at the could see hills shrouded in morning mist...

road going up...almost reaching the top....

I have another idea pop up in my mind. Why not run up to genting highlands? It's 1700m above sea level. This will pose quite a challenge. If cyclist could cycle up...surely running would be fine.

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