Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Map My Run - Great Tool for Runners

This is the great tool I stumbled upon when visiting other runners site. It lets you map your path distance when running. And not only that, you can see the total elevation you ran up, and down. I have mapped 2 routes that I always ran, and I was kinda disappointed to find out I ran less than I thought.

Here's the link:

And here's the path that I ran:

Cheras Training Ground:

Ampang - Batu 14 hulu langat - Batu 9 hulu langat

I tried to add it to the blog, but there's no satellite view. When is Malaysia going to have real maps like in US?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, great tool this. Unfortunately I couldn't zoom in the satellite image for my area (Klang). Shah Alam looks clear but not Klang so can't find my route.

yipwt said...


you gotta live in KL...I agree it's quite blur for the rest of other areas.