Saturday, May 5, 2007

20km: Road to Kuala Klawang

I didn't actually want to run today since it rained this morning, and my left foot still has a little bit of pain when flexing at the ankle. But wat the heck...the legs can complain later.

The plan was to run up until the border of selangor and negeri sembilan. I think this is the place they call genting perez, if i am not mistaken. The distance is 8.9km from the base. So back to back would double that.

So, I drove, and parked my car nearby the foot of the hill, before the climb.

to kuala klawang..

can you smell a marathon?

Even before you start, you already got to run up the hills. So the whole ran actually is going up. Some parts are almost flat, but some are steep. Not so steep, but steep enough. But the beauty of the path, is the huge mountains by the side, and the view from the top, where you can see the valley below. Makes you feel quite small..

up, up, up...

lush green jungle..

no cars...most of the time..

the sun has started to shine..

UMNO sign to welcome visitors to jelebu...

There's not much cars passing by...which is good.

I reached my destination, after 1 hour. I also met with a cyclist called Halim. He was travelling from batu 18 hulu langat. We chatted for awhile. He mentioned cycling is about freedom. I understood what he meant. Freedom from work, city life...and only your thoughts to dwell into.
Once in awhile, we need to go some where, where we could take a break.

I decided to run 1 more km downhill just to complete 10k. Then I ran back. Running downhill from there, is so much more easier...definitely..

self picture..

going back down...

faraway hills...they are huge..

On the way down, I met a few other cyclist...and also a "water"-fall station.

small waterfall..not enough to dip...

Finally, I reached where I started...after 2:24

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