Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Running in the rain

It was around 6 am, and the morning wind was surprisingly cold and strong. But it had not rained yet. Anyway, I thought it won't rain.

But when I went outside, it started to rain a little, but soon it was a heavy downpour. I have not run in the rain yet, so I thought, why not try. It's just rain anyway.

As the rain got harder, I was getting fully soaked. And the shoes, clothing got heavier. But I chugged along, slamming foot after foot onto the water filled tarmac. Maybe it would be a good idea for shoe manufacturers to figure out....waterproof shoes...heh...

The good thing about running in the rain is....you don't overheat...so running is actually more enjoyable..

Time: 1:19


Stupe said...

taking cue from you, i shalt start my running today by running to the gym to run on the threadmill.

It is only 7km from my home to the gym, so, if i can cycle that distance, i'm sure i can run that as well.

thanks for the inspiration.

yipwt said...

hi stupe...i am running quite short distance only leh...

I am training for kuala klawang..just for the fun of it.

sbanboy said...

Hi stumbled upon your blog via Raymond's blog ... wow you guys really got the stamina .... Raymond is telling me that I should train up also after my exams ... haha

I used to run half marathons when I much much younger ... ahem ahem

Regarding the water proof shoes .... I google and found out that there are available but in US.

OK cya

yipwt said...

hi sbanboy...

train harder lor...then u can run any distance u want..

i just want to run to see if I don't die in the process....hehe..