Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Feeling Great but Sore

I have been trying to beat my records for the past few days in running.
It's a bit different than normal running pace,
where you don't really mind the time.
But when time is taken into consideration seriously, you are basically running faster...and harder. I am currently keeping a training log, so I could keep track of distance and time using Google Spreadsheet.

There's a certain sense of achievement on beating your own time day after day.
And with a certain goal on what time you have on mind.
But running faster needs a higher heartbeat rate,
which you got to sustain for a duration of time. Maintaining this heartbeat rate is where endurance is needed.

For longer runs, I won't be pushing so hard.

I'll be putting off Genting for now, going to join Raymond as "phantom" runners in Pacesetters New Balance 15km this sunday. That is because we failed to register as they have closed due to insufficient medals.


Raymond Hee said...

Hey fren,this week we run 15k,next week i hv my kenyir triathlon,we can climb genting the following week,tentatively ok

yipwt said...

hey doc,

sure...see you there...

bola2api said...

i thought Pacesetter set a limit of 2000 entrants.. and i read somewhere only 1570 runners were there. let's say if 2000 runners already registered, takkan lah almost 500 DNS?