Thursday, July 19, 2007

Going for Adidas King of The Road 2007

After finding out that the dateline for registration is 21 this month, I quickly drove to KL Sentral to register. But later I found out this:

Damn, wasted 3 bucks for parking...So I head to Petaling Jaya section 14. I manage to get myself registered at the Adidas Factory Outlet Jaya. It's has a nice interior, and I found out that the price of the goods are way cheaper. That's odd..

So I did some enquiry from the sales person. He mentioned that most of the products here are 30% cheaper! So, you could get a pair of racing shoes which cost 300+ for only 220.

During registration they also gave a voucher for Adidas worth 50 bucks. But it could not be used at this store. Only the one in KLCC is redeemable.

But one thing about the qualification time for category A. It's 1 hr 45 mins. Which means, if you want to qualify for some have to run 5 min /km pace.'s quite fast for me.

On another note, I ran another record time for my normal training route (58 min 58 secs) today.
But in my mind, I am already thinking of what route to run for training for 21km.



Raymond said...

huh adidas factory outlet at jaya!!!Aiya let me know mar can register for u,my hse just 5min walk for jaya hehe
1.45 qualifying for 21km,think they wanted me to have premature myocardial infarction!Crazy one

yipwt said...

hi doc,...thanks. I dunno u stay so near one.

haha..myocardial infarction...

C-CUBE said...

yip, hope to meet u there

Raymond, the KOTR course can be as tough as Seremban 1/2 Mara. The NPE is up and down, just like running the last 3k in Seremban. Seeya there too. I will probably recky the hiway one of these days b4 the race just to prep myself.