Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sub 1 Hour Record

Finally....I manage to break the 1 hour limit at my usual route. I have been aiming to run faster, and adding up speed. I raced against uphills, downhills, traffic, and exhaust smoke to reach that elusive time by 59 minutes 12 seconds. My previous fastest record was 1:00:17

Once you go faster, it's a matter of reaching checkpoints at times that you know you need to reach in order to reach your finishing time goal. There's one part of the route that I just had to reach at 51 minute mark if I wanted to run sub 1 hour. I managed to reach it after putting rockets on my legs. Then it's all the way to the finishing line.

Speedwork is really not my strength, but I am trying to run faster for this saturday's run.


CP Waterman said...

Congrats for your running fast adventure! I know exactly what you mean by getting to certain spot by certain time in order to hit final target time. I do that all the time.hehe (you can read my post on adding speed to exchange view and improve together)
I still can't get over how you can run for so many hours under the hot sun!!!Last saturday I was BBQ already after only 2hr in the sun!Cinya salute you!


yipwt said...

hi waterman,

Most runners think the same..hehe..

Try to keep cool by wearing a cap, long sleeve t-shirt (not cotton) to prevent sun burn...and drink lots of fluids. will get don't do it always...

Raymond said...

Good luck in your Ironhill run ok,when u wanna buy a bike and join me doing triathlon coz u r ready in both swim n run oredi hehe

vangardx said...

gilela..suka lari nie..tak penah nmpak pun

vangardx said...

oo bukan budak upnm ek..patutla tak pernah tgk..maybe kalau jumpa kita amek gambar skali ek :p