Friday, July 20, 2007

Race Day: UPNM Iron Hill Run 2007

I reached Kem Sungai Besi at around 6:30am. Still pretty dark. Then got myself registered. My bib was A001. It would be nice if my final position was one.

Soon, more people came. I saw a bunch of veterans, and chat them up. Tey was there to take photos. Great to meet him in person. I met another guy from my hometown kuantan. So we talked for awhile, while waiting for the time to start. Apparently, the organisers want us all to do some aerobic exercise with loud blaring music. This delayed the time which ought to be 7:30am. Malaysian time lah..

Soon, all of us gathered at the starting line. And the VIP let us loose with a shot from the gun. I started off at a moderate pace, while the pack in front sped off. I didn't want to push myself so much at this point. But still I did ran a bit faster.

There's one water station at 1km before the foot hills. But I forgo it. I have been running enough 12k to know that I didn't need water at all. I managed to reach the foothills just before 30 minutes. Then started the arduous climb up.

What path laid in front, is really an eye opener. It's harder than the road up Genting Highlands, and certainly 10 times harder than Genting Peres. But luckily it's only 1.5km up. The elevation is almost 45 degrees, and 30 degrees. All the way up. No joke. There's not much flat terrain.

At the start, I tried to stay running although a bit slow. I passed by a lot of runners who were already walking. But almost on top, I had to walk a bit. And finally at last, I reached the top, and was given a white band.

With no more's downhill. As I raced down, more runners were walking and running up. Soon I reached the bottom, and ran a moderate pace back to the finishing line.

By the way. I mapped this run, at I don't think it's 12km. It's 10.28km. You can view it here.

Time was 52 min 34 sec. Position 21. For your information, the first guy time is 39 min 48 sec.

Runners coming back.

Tey in front photographing runners...

The crowd after the run...I had hoped they would serve more drinks..

Me running very slowly...

A group photo before the race..

See....number 1...only on bib.


Tey said...

Yip..pls email me ..I need to your email....send photos leh...


or email me

K.K. said...

congrats on your timing! your 00:52 uphill climb is better than my 10k on flat terrain! tabik!

are u joining singapore marathon?

sbanboy said...

Wow congrats !!!!!

yipwt said...

kk, still thinking of whether going.


but i think this is probably the toughest 10k you can get in KL.

Beats NB 15km hills.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, great timing on terrible hills. I was glad to read at last the route went downhill. Imagine climbing up 45 degrees only to discover flats! So what's next?

vangardx said...

haha..dah cakap dah..bukit besi tu memang tough la..i kadang2 kena training sambil bawa begpack naik atas tu compete set with loreng..huhu but seriously i since 2000..i jalan je..tak pernah lari lagi naik atas mcm u all..ape2 pun congrats

i ada post gambar masa lari..tapi tak banyak..

vangardx said...

haha..u tanya i punya time? hm..i jalan2 cari makan sahaja..:p

hanep said...

best bangat!!