Sunday, July 22, 2007

Iron Hill 2: Hiking Genting Klang Quartz Ridge

Still high from yesterdays iron hill run, I called up my younger brother to hike the ridge. From Kuala Lumpur, the view of the hills are breathtaking. It' s situated nearby Taman Melawati, which is very near and easily accessible.

So we drove to the road which leads to the starting of the path. However, there's a bit of rain, but this didn't dampen our spirits to go up.

You can park somewhere near the dam...

I thought the path would be easy, but really it's not only hard, but dangerous as well. Climbing would require fitness, and not a walk in the park. Some parts, you would have to climb almost vertically.

Most of the parts have trails on them, but some requires careful negotiations of rock climbing. A mistep spells fatality. The view from the top was nice. Soon, we were able to see the dam itself, which I didn't thought was that small, but it is. And we could see Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) or Islamic International University. In fact we could see the whole campus. And for the lake, the view was greater. Around it, is untouched pristine tropical forest.

What strikes me was the different vegetation on the quartz ridge. It has beautiful plants growing on them, which I have never seen at other places. You could say, it's a place by it's own.

Slowly ascending the ridge...the view is already better...

You could see the Klang Gates Dam

The eastern ridge shrouded in mist...

Notice the unique vegetation?

Some parts requires you to be spiderman

The path on top of the ridge is not dirt..but fragments of quartz.

This one is steep.

You have to pass through this dangerous part to get to the other side.

It was already misty due to the cloudy and raining wheather..

UIA in full view.

Wind and mist blowing across the ridge...

This is the top of the western ridge.

It was raining when I took this pic...on the way down.

We managed to go up to the top of the highest part of the ridge. It was already raining.
So we headed down through the fruit orchards and safely, but gladly, back to the car.


Raymond said...

wah,very nice view la...but could see the ascent can be very dangerous and bit cramp,how u guys managed to climb up w/o any ropes or other aid

yipwt said...

hi raymond,

The whole route is climable without bringing any self aid.

As you see, we were just wearing sandals.

But you'll need to be fit la..

Yu Jin said...

Dude, how can you climb with slippers?! I'm amazed. You must have special climbing gene or something! haha

rachel said...

hahaha ... my friend also climbed the ridge wearing slippers. But some parts are just too dangerous to climb with slippers that another friend had to lend him his shoes ... so, there were some hilarious moments when the 1st guy climbed up, removed shoes and throw down at the "slippers" dude and so on. but truthfully, it's rather dangerous to wear slippers lah ...