Monday, July 9, 2007

UPNM Iron Hill Run 2007 12KM

I have just applied for UPNM Iron Hill Run 2007. The challenging part of this run is to run up the hill with a height of 287 meters, starting from 70 meters.

To get more details, please refer to this link:
Register for UPNM Iron Hill Run

Date: 21 July 2007
Distance: 12km

For myself, I made a trip to Kem Sungai Besi, and handed over the registration form which you can print from the PDF online.


sbanboy said...

All the best !

Raymond said...

yeahlor,Ironman must run Iron hill haha.Yip,u can do it!

yipwt said...

sbanboy, Thanks for the encouragement...

Raymond,...see how lah...i have seen the hill. I could run it to the top, but the question is how fast..

Stupe said...

Yip - well done! i can't go as i will be stuck with some family obligation. :( Bukit Besi used to be my playground, the cross country track was used by the boys for training often. i would love to run up the hill again...just not this time.

look out for one chinese boy which will run in the race, he is my junior, now studying in UPNM to be a naval officer.