Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ulu Yam Waterfalls

Last Sunday, my younger brother and I went to a nice spot in Ulu Yam. There's a few sections of accessible waterfalls.

Upon reaching our favourite place, I really don't want to say this...but some people just don't care where they throw their rubbish. It's fine if you want to have some snacks, lunch or drinks...but please bring back your rubbish. The sight was really appaling, with polestrene plates beside the stream, and beer cans on rocks!

So, we decided to get a plastic bag and pickup those stuff...

Downstream there's a deeper pool, almost double my height, and not really a safe place to swim. I think there happened an incident of drowning in the papers.

It was noon, but the water is really cold. Swimming here is the nicest stress reliever you could find.

We were quite alone, as it's still early. But soon some other guys came by. I don't mind others joining the fun, but some of them were smoking..and making fires. Personally, no offence to smokers, but I think they should ban smoking everywhere, except the smoker's house. 3 million plus adults in Malaysia smokes. Why would someone want to do something to kill themselves slowly and painfully is really something I don't understand.

There's no reason to smoke. Doctors, studies have given so many reasons to quit.

If you want to get high, go run a marathon. That'll get you high for days.

Then we dropped by the Ulu Yam Lake for some roasted nuts, and a nice scenery. The dam is probably 2km from where we stand. I was thinking...heck...should try swimming here one day.


mahaguru58 said...

Greetings Yip!

Nice article. Great photos. Makes me want to go there right now! :D

You are spot on about smoking!

Smoking is for senseless sickos!

As usual, many who smoke will disagree with you n me but I for one will say this' Smokers are suckers!'

Their rewards will come very soon to choke them to death!

Keep posting such great articles!

Stupe said...

smokers are suckers...LOL.

i was a smoker, hardcore, finishing 2 packs a day, but that was easily 4 years ago.