Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trip to Pantai Kerachut on Penang Island

Actually, I went down Penang with my friend for an ex-colleague's wedding dinner. But somehow, got lucky the next day for a trip to Pantai Kerachut.

Yea...the name sounds a bit weird. To go there, you got to get to Teluk Bahang at the northern trip of the island. You'll reach a nice fishing village. There's two ways to get to Pantai Kerachut, which is by boat, or jungle hiking (3.3km). This will take approximately 1 hour for one way.

Yeap, we are more adventurous. So we choosed hiking instead. 3.3 km might not sound far on road, but in the jungle with lots of hills and valleys, it's a bit exciting and takes longer to complete. The place at that area is designated as Penang Taman Negara, which is good. The path ain't so hard. Some parts are cleared and hard cemented, so you could easily put footing.

Once we reached the beach, it was a nice sight to behold. The beach was rubbish in sight. Some guys were fishing at the jetty nearby.

But somehow, there's no one swimming. And what surprised me most, is that they have a conservation centre for turtles laying eggs on the beach. We got to see a tong with young turtles, which will be released tomorrow.

There's a lake nearby, which is not so deep. But it provides a nice view, surrounded by vegetation and hills.

Reminds me of my next trip end of this month to Redang...:)

Arriving at Teluk Bahang

We started to hike..

Nice view at teluk Bahang

The path of the forest is rejuvenating...

The jetty at Pantai Kerachut.

This lake name sounds advanced...i forgot what's the name. Metramiktik?

Marking of turtle's eggs.


C-CUBE said...

wah, this is like LOST - The movie. u end up in one part of an island that no one goes. anything more exciting besides the turtle sanctuary.

Stupe said...


just called my junior, he say the ironhill run will purely be inside the army camp. first 6km is downhill/flat, last 6km is mostly hilly.

no running up on bukit besi as i thought.

sorry for the wrong info. good luck for the race!